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Researching for the WillieWalker Pedigrees Database I have gathered such a lot of material about the English and the Llewellin Setter which I am glad to present now in the WillieWalkerWiki:

  • Collections including ads, art, stamps, cards, and so much more collectibles
  • Health
  • History with breeders, kennels, famous dogs, documents, shows, field trials,...
  • Literature shows books and stud books
  • Miscellaneous is about interesting things, concerning dogs in general
  • Showbusiness
  • Standards, see how the standard changed over the decades, starting with Laverack's in the 1870s

The name "Wiki" I did not only choose because it sounds good, but Wiki stands for a knowledge base developed in a Content Management System, which can be easily updated online. Unlike other Wikis, visitors cannot edit the content, but you are invited to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. info and material.

Andrea & WillieWalker (forever in my heart)

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Setter Rescue - The Willie Walker Pedigrees Database
176578 English Setter and Llewellin Setter pedigrees including 14045 pictures. We care about Setters who need our help, no matter if with or without pedigree!