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Kirmse Marguerite, 1885 - 1954

Born in Bournemouth, England on December 14, 1885, Kirmse had studied both music and art in England, but it was after her emigration to America that she developed her talent for the visual arts. She was a pupil of Frank Calderon and she specialized in drawing and etching dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Her work displays a tremendous emotional understanding of dogs, their expressions and behaviors. Which isn’t surprising, as Kirmse was loving dogs so much. While she maintained an artist’s studio in New York City, she also had her breeding kennels in Connecticut (under the kennel name of Tobermory), housing Airedales, Irish Terriers, English Setters, English Pointers, a variety of Spaniels, and of course her adored Scotties (her husband George W. Cole was president of the Scottish Terrier Club of America). She expertly showed her dogs, participated avidly in field trials and proficiently shot over them.

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