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American Field's Hall Of Fame


The Field Trial Hall of Fame was initiated in 1954, and since that time, each year, deserving dogs and worthy field trial personalities have been elected. Election to the Field Trial Hall of Fame recognizes a dog's and person's contributions to the field trial pastime and is considered one of the highest honors in this time-honored sport.



English Setter:

Name of the ES   Year elected  
Antonio   1964
Beau Essig   1987
Bozeann's Mosley   1997
Candy Kid   1977 mt_ignore:candykid
Commander's Hightone Beau   1967
Count Gladstone IV   1955
Count Noble   1959
Count Whitestone   1960
Destinare   2003
Eugene M   1958
Eugene's Ghost   1963
Feagin's Mohawk Pal   1970
Flaming Star   1978
Geneva   1965
Gladstone   1961
Glencrest Doctor   1969
Grouse Ridge Will   1981
Hicks Rising Sun   1999
Johnny Crockett   2007
La Besita   1980
Lady's Count Gladstone   1965
Mississippi Zev   1961
Mohawk II   1962
Mr. Thor   1976
Sioux   1957
Sport's Peerless   1955
Sport's Peerless Pride   1962
Tekoa Mountain Sunrise   2000  
The Performer   1995  
Tomoka   1985
Turnto   1971
Wonsover   1975

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