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1922-1947 Ivan Sermoskin Manuscript

Ivan Sermoskin, animal painter of the early 20th century. He was a free listener of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Since 1916 in Murmansk Archangelsk province. After the Russian Revolution in 1917, he emigrated to Latvia, where he was signing drawings Jan Sermosky.

Shown below are ink drawings with handwritten text in Russian, German and Latvian, published with the kind permission of the owner, AM Harper.

  • Ivan Sermoskin
  • Ivan Sermoskin_02
  • Ivan Sermoskin_03
  • Ivan Sermoskin_04
  • Ivan Sermoskin_05
  • Ivan Sermoskin_06
  • Ivan Sermoskin_07
  • Ivan Sermoskin_08
  • Ivan Sermoskin_09
  • Ivan Sermoskin_10
  • Ivan Sermoskin_11

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