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The story of a little girl and her adventures with her Laverack setters and their litter of puppies.
Author: Ogden Ruth
First Edition: 1900


bkBitsyFive Beds for Bitsy

is the tale of a puppy that grows up. Bobby got a birthday package he did not expect, a package that fell over, trembled, shook and yelped! In it was an English Setter puppy that was named "Bitsy" as she was so small. Bitsy grew and needed larger and larger baskets, five of them before she became an adult. Written by Ian Munn and delightfully illustrated by Elizabeth Webbe, this hardback was copyrighted 1950.
Author: Munn Ian
First Edition: 1950

ImagePatches the English Setter

A nice vintage children's book. Six stories about Patches The English Setter. Stories by Wilfred J. Newhouse with illustrations by Lou Sardella. 
Author: Newhouse Wilfred J.
First Edition: 1954


GoFindHankaGo Find Hanka!

An English setter, trained only for hunting birds, is a mother's last hope for finding her boy lost in the Illinois prairie in the 1850's.
Author: Alexander L. Crosby
First Edition: 1970


The Comeback DogThe Comeback Dog

Daniel, a midwestern farm boy, finds a battered dog and nurses it back to health, but is disappointed when the dog doesn't respond to his gestures of affection.
Author: Jane Resh Thomas
First Edition: 1981


WillIEverBeOlderWill I ever be older?

Wonderful children's book with many illustrations, several of the English Setter dog. A younger brother comes to recognize that though he often resents his older brother, his brother has sibling difficulties too.
Author: Eva H. Grant
First Edition: 1981


Thorndike and NelsonThorndike and Nelson

is the title of this First Edition children's book featuring two friends who happen to be monsters and the English Setter: Dot. Dot is insulted by Thorndike. The fun in the story happens through the two monsters and chocolate-covered lizards, bat wings, and a pink fluffy slipper that Dot eats and how the two get back together because of the English Setter.
Author: Jean Jackson
First Edition: 1997


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