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rymanSetterThe Real Ryman Setter - A history

Author: Walter A. Lesser & Lisa M. Weisse

First Edition: 2013

A history with stories from the Appalachian Grouse Covers, in the acknowledgements the Willie Walker Pedigrees database is mentioned :)

2nd moon map chronicle cov

The Second Moon Map Chronicle - D'Arcy Wolf-shadow

Author: Nina Green

First Edition: 2011

More Magical Adventures of the English Setter Pack by Nina Green.

Count Noble - The Greatest Dog That Ever Lived

Author: Richard J. LeBeau

First Edition: 2011

The book details the life and times of Count Noble and features numerous previously unseen photos, including the great setter’s owners and trainers.

memories moonmap

Memories of a Moon Map

Author: Nina Green

First Edition: 2010

The extraordinary adventures of an English Setter Pack! An absolute MUST for every English Setter Lover.

engsett79 03

English Setter Champions 1979-2003

Author: Shae Pata, Jan Linzy

First Edition: 2004

51 1

The History of English Setter Showdogs in America

Author: Craig S. Sparkes

First Edition: 2003

The first book that chronicles the greatest English Setter show dogs in AKC history.


Fields of Glory
Volume One - 1874-1930

Author: Everett M. Skehan

First Edition: 2001

Skehan takes the reader on a dramatic journey through the previously uncharted, challenging territory of the pioneers that shaped the sport of field trialing for pointing dogs in America. The Spotlight focuses on the history-making handlers and their legendary canine athletes that dominated and fashioned the sport from the first trial in 1874 through the expansion period of the 1920's and ending with the temporary derailment caused by the Great Depression in the 1930's.

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