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arguePointers and Setters

Author: Derry Argue

First Edition: 1993

A comprehensive book, from a breeder and trainer, which covers the training and rearing of the British breeds - the Pointer, English, Irish and Gordon Setters. The book outlines the historical development of the breeds and explains what the breeds are meant to do. Choosing and rearing a puppy is also covered, as is training, shooting practices and falconry.

SilverKingSilver King of Starcroft

Author: Marie Rose

First Edition: 1970

The day-to-day story in memory of a gallant English setter dog and his happy, adventuresome years with the author.

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Every Dog Should Own A Man

Author: Corey Ford

First Edition: 1952

For example, I happen to belong to an English Setter who acquired me when he was about six months old and has been training me quite successfully ever since. He has taught me to shake hands with him and fetch his ball. I’ve learned not to tug at the leash when he takes me for a walk. I am completely housebroken and I make him a devoted companion.


AKC Dog Book

First Edition: 1935

Group 1 - Sporting Dogs

HardingCox10DOGS by well-known authorities, Vol. X Gundogs

Author: Harding Cox

First Edition: 1914

Volume 10 of Cox's superb series of dog books, volume one and volume two (Hounds and Terriers) where originally published in parts 1-9, no other parts where then published, however a small number of part 10, Gundogs was issued to friends of the author, it is thought that only approx a dozen copies of this book where issued.  This is the rarest of all Gundog books and certainly the rarest book published on the Pointer, English Setter, Gordon Setter or Irish Setter. Last seen on ebay, sold for US $ 1.495,00.

e laverackThe Setter

Author: Edmund Laverack

First Edition: 1872


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