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January 22 - February 21  
Our dogs: Tammy     

wassermann Ruling Planet: Uranus
Most Desirable Qualities: Determination, curiosity, devotion, independent
Negative: Unpredictable, detached
Talent: Water-bearing
Physical Characteristics: Slow, well-built, tall
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Number: 2
Favorite Color: electric blue
Most compatible with: Libra, Gemini, Aries
Less compatible with: Virgo

This dog will bring home every other pet in the neighborhood. They love everyone and everything. Once they get the new friends home, it is up to you to entertain them and keep them. They have done their job when they bring in strays. Now you fix them up.

When they are not busy with other pets, they can do very, very strange things. These are the pets of the weird and unusual. Just when you think they are going to do one thing, they change their mind and behave totally differently. Never one for routine, these little guys change their behavior for the fun of it. These guys will defy anything that looks like restrictions, school or anything that might impede their freedom. Don't keep them restricted too long or they might find the need to leave you and find freedom in the world.

Don't cuddle and pet them too much for they really don't like too much closeness. They need their freedom to be the unusual pet they are. Not one for being bored, they will stir up trouble just to see what will happen.

Don't ever feed them the same thing twice. They will let you know when you have crossed that line and will become very disapproving when you do something that you have done before. Unusual and different are their key words. Being an Air sign they are talkers and very verbal. Look for them to be barkers and pets that express their needs all the time.

Natives of both Gemini and Libra will greatly intrigue the Aquarius Dog. The airy mental attitude inherent in these Zodiac Signs toward life makes a perfect foil for the Aquarius Dog, serving to calm this canine to some extent and making him or her stop to think occasionally before leaping to conclusions. There will be some minor friction every now and then, particularly when the stubborn side of the Gemini owner gets in the way, but the Aquarius Dog soon manages to find a way around this obstacle and (as usual) will eventually get his or her own way.

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