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21 March - 20 April
Our Dogs:

widder hund   Ruling Planet: Mars
Most Desirable Qualities: Tenacious, sensitive
Negative: Impassive, risk taking, impatience
Talent: Heart breaker, forgets past failures
Physical Characteristics: Active, energetic, prone to headaches and sun strokes
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Lucky Number: 4
Favorite Color: red
Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Leo, Libra
Less compatible with: Cancer

Aries need to be first! If you are looking for a pet that will become a champion, choose an Aries. They want to win at all costs. The most competitive of all the signs, to win with these pets, let them "think" they are winning. Never fearful, these warriors will fight to the finish. Never one to hold a grudge, any display of anger will soon be forgotten. 

Never one to hide anything. What you see is what you get in these guys. If you are liked they will protect you from harm. Unless of course they feel they want to compete with you. Then you are in trouble. They love a good fight and it might as well be with someone they like. Don't take offense, they are just being their true self's.

Expect an exciting life with these little balls of fire. They are forever on the move. Always looking for that next adventure. If you have more than one pet, your Aries will be the leader. Be careful, for they may be the leaders of your house, too! If they become bored, watch out. They will hunt up an adventure. Keep them busy, give them lots of toys and creative competitive games to play. These guys love to play tug-of-war. Teach them early in life who is boss otherwise you will be hiding from them.

Leo natives and Sagittarius native tend to get along best with the Aries Dog...whether it be as an owner or a companion pet. The stable elements found in both Leo and Sagittarius act as a balance to the erratic side of this canine. Some of the energetic and self-expressive qualities are also shared between all three of these Zodiac Signs, thus leading to a type of mutual understanding.

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