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June 22 - July 23 
Our dogs:

krebs   Ruling Planet: Moon
Most Desirable Qualities: Tenacious, Sensitive, Patience
Negative: Moody, needy
Talent: Bays at the Moon
Physical Characteristics: Long-legged
Lucky Day: Monday
Lucky Number: 2
Favorite Color: violet
Most compatible with: Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus
Less compatible with: Aries

Cancer is the home sign of the zodiac. They love their homes and family more than anything. They are the best watch protectors. They will protect their home from invaders. Try to get them out of the house for a walk. They would just love to sit in their homes and never leave. Travelers they aren't.

If you are looking for a pet for children, you have come across the right sign. Cancer's love children and babies. In fact, they will mother any thing or anyone they can. Get them lots of toys that are soft and cuddly. If you don't have children they will cuddle pillows or your leg for that matter.

If you like an independent animal you better get an Aquarius or Gemini. These guys won't let you go into another room without following you. ¨Velcro Pet¨ comes to mind when I think of Cancers. Depending how big they are, you will have an animal always glued to your foot, hit or ankle.

Another eater. They love the sweets. If given to much, they will become little round balls of fat. Give them a cave to hide their toys in. They are collectors. If you must throw out one of their toys, don't let them see you. They could cry if they think you are giving away something they feel they own.

Individuals born under the signs of Pisces and Scorpio usually make the best owners for the Cancer Dog. Pisces is receptive and impressionable, thus well-suited to put up with the whims and fluctuating moods of this canine. However, since the Cancer Dog is basically loving and giving, this dog will go out of his or her way to understand any human...with one exception. The Cancer Dog should never belong to a Sagittarius owner. This particular combination of fire and water can never happily mix. Particularly good with children, the Cancer Dog often believes himself or herself to be one of them and fully expects to be treated as such.

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