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December 22 - January 20 
Our dogs:

steinbock     Ruling Planet: Saturn
Most Desirable Qualities: Reserved, ambitious, careful
Negative: Stubborn, persistent
Talent: Social climbing
Physical Characteristics: Perfection in form and build
Lucky Day: Saturday
Lucky Number: 7
Favorite Color: blue
Most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo, Libra
Less compatible with: Aries

The workers of the Zodiac who never give up. These hard working little guys are very stubborn. They want something and they don't give up. Tenacious comes to mind when one thinks of Capricorn pets. If you have a dog, you will most likely have a digger. They love to dig holes. Being an earth sign they feel they must connect with the earth. What better way then to dig a hole. Here is another pet that loves routines.

Routines and trick school is something he loves. Feed him at the same time everyday to make him really happy.

These pets will let you know when something is not as it should be. That could be a stranger at the door or his bed not set up properly. She will cry, whine or just keep at you until you change things the way she thinks they should be.

A Capricorn Dog coupled with a Capricorn owner will make for a splendid relationship since both will engage enthusiastically in mutual social climbing, but the most compatible owner will be a native of Virgo. Virgo subjects are sufficiently down-to-earth to keep the more blatant side of the Capricorn Dog under control. Taurus and Libra owners will also get along well with this canine, but Sagittarius would be well-advised to bypass the Capricorn litter.

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