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May 21 - June 21
Our Dogs: Miss Lilly

hunde zwilling   Ruling Planet: Mercury
Most Desirable Qualities: Imaginative, expressive, restless, versatile, independent
Negative: Extrovert, inquisitive, loud, sometimes not very affectionate
Talent: Inventor
Physical Characteristics: Alert, graceful, energetic
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Number: 2
Favorite Color: brown
Most compatible with: Aquarius, Leo, Libra
Less compatible with: Cancer

Our little talkers. If you like a nice peaceful environment, don't think you can have one with these little mouthpieces. These pets will report on the happenings of the neighborhood. Every person that walks by will be announced with a loud barking ruckus. 

When you have finally quieted them down, don't expect a quiet home. Now they will be running around the house for the sheer thrill of running. Don't worry that they will run far, these guys are sprinters and will only sprint in short bursts from room to room.

Ruled by mercury, Gemini is very independent and wants nothing to do with cuddling. He will come to you when it is in his mind to be petted and only the prescribed time. Whatever that is. Everything he does changes as fast as he can run.

It takes the strength of personality found in a Leo native to help the Gemini Dog become more decisive, and a natural sympathy between the two usually ensures compatibility. Aquarius owners, being broad-minded enough to allow things to follow their natural course, will also find the Gemini Dog to be a suitable pet.

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