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July 22 - August 22
Our dogs:

loewe   Ruling Planet: Sun
Most Desirable Qualities: Faithful, loving, protective, playful
Negative: Dominating, dramatic, stubborn
Talent: Acting
Physical Characteristics: Well-proportioned body, graceful
Lucky Day: Sunday
Lucky Number: 5
Favorite Color: royal blue
Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Aries
Less compatible with: Virgo

The king of the Jungle and your house. Better get some big mirrors so this King or Queen of the animals can bask in their own reflection. They love to be petted, admired and generally treated like royalty. 

If you cannot give them your full attention they will need their favorite royal placement in the house. They prefer to be at the top, be couch, desk or chair. Make sure they are surrounded by lots of pillows, because only kings deserve the best. This spot should be in the sun. Ruled by the sun, these guys do best on bright sunny days.
Want to see what depression looks like? Don't turn on any lights, especially on a cold rainy winter day. They invented the word mopey. Turn on the lights and warm up the room and what a transformation you will see.
These pets are wonderful with other pets and people as long as they are the leader of the group. They will then make sure everyone is taken care of and part of the group. They cannot tolerate anyone being left out.
Owners born under the signs of Aries and Sagittarius tend to get on best with the Leo Dog, although all relationships in which this canine becomes involved will have a tendency to become heated on occasion.

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