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September 22 - October 21
Our dogs:

waage hund   Ruling Planet: Venus
Most Desirable Qualities: Well-balanced, affectionate
Negative: Manipulative, indecisive, lazy
Talent: One-way retrieving
Physical Characteristics: Well-nourished
Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Number: 6
Favorite Color: turquoise
Most compatible with: Aquarius, Gemini
Less compatible with: Capricorn

These are the beauties of the zodiac. The prettiest pet is the Libra. Not only in looks but very charming as well. They get what they want by persuading you to do something for them. They get a great deal of pleasure from getting you do something for them. They can be very lazy you see. 

Being lazy comes from the inability to make up their minds. They spend so much time on deciding they get tired and want you then to do it for them. They really can see both sides of an issue so to them anything is okay. You can then do it for them, if you chose correctly they will reward you with charm, if you did it incorrectly they will fight you.

One time they want a cookie another time they won't. You can look the fool as you try to hand them a treat one time they take it another time they will smell it and and walk off in disgust. You never know what mood they will be in.

Just when you think you have figured out these guys, they change their minds. Like the Gemini and Aquarius, all three air signs, they do not like to be smothered. That is of course unless they have decided that is what they want. Oh on the other hand, maybe not. So be very patient and flexible with these pretty charmers for they will demand you are.

A Leo native is probably most suited to surviving the demanding standards of the Libra Dog. These two signs react well and bring out the best in each other. Owners born under the signs of Gemini and Aquarius also get on well with this canine under normal circumstances, but an Aries owner is a huge mistake. The strong character of an Aries subject will sap the limited confidence of the Libra Dog, reducing him or her to something of an "apology for a dog" rather than a dog in his or her own right. The Libra Dog also enjoys the company of other dogs, provided there is no obligation to share space with such animal in the home.

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