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21 April - 20 May
Our dogs: Willie Walker

stier   Ruling Planet: Venus
Most Desirable Qualities: Steadfast, kind-hearted, stubborn, patient, affectionate, persistent
Negative: Jealous, greedy, possessive, resentful
Talent: singing
Physical Characteristics: Strong, powerful
Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Number: 9
Favorite Color: Pastel shades - Rose pink, grassy green, blue and brown
Most compatible with: Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer
Less compatible with: Pisces 

Taurus dogs love the finer things in life. Give them the best seat in the house in front of the television. They will sit for hours just watching the TV with you. Hide that remote, for they want to be in control of that too. In fact they want to be control of everything.

Don't take their stuff, they will get crazy. Possessive little monsters, they may not want to eat any more in their bowl, but don't take it away until they deem it no longer theirs. I think Taurean are more interested in holding on to their stuff then really needing or even wanting them. If you have visitors to your house, make sure the Taurus does not see them leave, for they will assume the new people in the house now belong to them.

Great little obedient pals, they will protect you as one of their own possessions. The original bull, which stands its ground when feeling threatened. If you are willing to allow them to move at a slow pace, they will do what is asked of them.

Happiest when eating the finest foods. Watch their weight, as they do not know when to stop eating. They will eat everything they can get their little paws on.

Once they park their little rears, they can't be moved until they are good and ready to move. If they find that most comfortable place on the couch, then they will possess that very spot for the rest of their days. You can be assured they will be just where you left them, if they feel comfortable. Sometimes mistaken for a piece of furniture!

The Taurus Dog is compatible with owners born under most Signs of the Zodiac...with the possibly exception of Sagittarius since Sagittarius natives are gone from the home far too often to make for a happy and well-adjusted dog who craves human companionship. This canine will be a tolerant and gentle which is kind in nature and adores children. Thus, the Taurus Dog would be a marvelous companion for such little ones.

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