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October 22 - November 21
Our Dogs: Walker

skorpion hund   Ruling Planet: Mars
Most Desirable Qualities: Independent, determined, playful, loyal
Negative: Jealous, resentful, obstinate, sneaky
Talent: Hiding things, good swimmer
Physical Characteristics: Handsome features
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite Color: dark red
Most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Less compatible with: Aries

The Secret Agents of the Zodiac. You never know where your things are with this sign. They have so many hiding places you would be amazed. Whenever they are mad at you, you can expect your things to be taken and hidden.

Intensity is the name of this signs game. Everything is a matter of grave importance or they won't do it. They love to play cat and mouse games. Anything where they can go for the kill is fun for them.

If you try to make them do something they would prefer not you, LOOK OUT! They won't go for that. One of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac, they will not be pushed into something they do not want do. If you insist, oh like dog obedience school watch out. These are the sneaky ones. They may play along that they are all up for this dog school thing and even go to a class or two, but when they have had enough, Oh Boy be careful. Now your hairbrush won't end up in the toilet, a dead mouse will be in your bed. You never really know with them. You can't tell what will anger them.

Since they are a water sign, keeping a calm house would help lessen their intensity and prevent some of the drama these little Tasmanian devils are always into.

Socially, Scorpio and Scorpio make for the best combination. The same urge for power is shared, but each will understand where the other is coming from. However, a house with one Scorpio...let alone two...could never be described as haven of peace and harmony (neither would want it that way in any event since life would be far too dull). The Scorpio Dog revels in personality clashes and provides proof that he or she is growing in strength and improving along the way. The only other native who will truly stand much of a chance as the owner of a Scorpio Dog would be Cancer. No human governed by any other sign is advised to take the simply would not be worth it.

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