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February 22 - March 21
Our dogs:

fisch hund   Ruling Planet: Neptune
Most Desirable Qualities: Mystical, kind, gentle
Negative: Weak-willed, excitable, air-headed
Talent: Extrasensory perception
Physical Characteristics: Athletic, lean
Lucky Day: Thursday
Lucky Number: 4
Favorite Color: gray
Most compatible with: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio
Less compatible with: Taurus

These pets are the kindest and most caring of all the pets. They can feel your feelings almost better than you can. They seem to know your moods and react to them. They often border on being a bully in her need to take care of the ones in pain. If they see another pet in what they perceive as trouble they will bite and snap and bark at the would be offender. This can be if we pick up another pet or another of our pets is barking. They will try to rescue the one they see as injured. This often causes more problems then it helps but you try and tell a Pisces dog that.

Pisces rules the feet. They have a habit of licking those feet whenever they are bored and are off duty. Also one that loves water, being a water sign. They love to get into the bath tub, and drink from a dripping faucet. They love to get drink water when you give them a bath too. Pisces would stay for hours in the bath if they could only drink all that water they would.

These kind souls are often spacey beyond anything you have ever seen. They never seem to know where they are going or where they have been. Some of these pets can be so spacey they miss what is going on in the world.

Too soothe a Pisces make sure they do not have too must stress or input from the outside world. They are easily excited and often take on the feelings of others and not even know it has become part of their feelings. Too really help these sensitive creatures, play music for them, but not too loud for they have sensitive ears too. Speaking of ears, don't forget to check to see if they have ear mites or infections in those ears. They are prone to both.
As owners, natives of Cancer and Scorpio stand the best chance of seeing the good side of the Pisces dog rather than the bad. Cancer's sense of humor will be an immense help to the relationship, while Scorpio will be so besotted with the Pisces dog that he or she will simply fail to see the contrary patches and life will be the proverbial "bed of roses."

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