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August 22 - September 21 
Our dogs: Miss Annie, Mister Aiden

Jungfrau Hund   Ruling Planet: Mercury
Most Desirable Qualities: Affectionate, smart, outgoing, happy
Negative: Cowardly, demanding
Talent: Getting into trouble
Physical Characteristics: Strong, muscular
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Number: 3
Favorite Color: orange
Most compatible with: Capricorn, Taurus
Less compatible with: Aquarius

Now you want to see clean, get a Virgo. No one is as fussy or clean as they are. A Virgo dog will come screaming into the house if he has dirt on him. Crying until you clean him up. Not very brave either. He could be called a wimp. On the other hand wimps can be a great pet to have around other pets. They won't fight for position. They will give into anyone who wants to be the top dog.

They take very well to training. Routines give them lots of comfort. They like to do the same thing over and over again. Even going for a walk, they must be on the correct side of the person walking him. He does fuss a bit if you try to take him on another route.

If you want to know what time it is, just look to your virgo. He will be on time for the morning wake up as well as the scheduled walks. His scheduled walks by the way. Very fussy if you try to change his determined schedule. Heaven forbid if you don't feed them exactly on time. You won't hear the end of it.

You have to watch their health. They are very quick to get ill. Many times they won't even let you know until they are very sick. They hate to impose on others. But taking their vitamins and eating good food will help with their health. Their weakest area is their intestines so watch that they don't eat too many treats to clog up their very delicate body systems. Be careful of changing their diets too. For once they are given a routine they love the same food all the time.

Natives of Taurus and Capricorn tend to make the best owners for the Virgo Dog, sharing some of the earthy elements. Basically, however, owners born under any Zodiac Sign will enjoy the company of this canine...with the possible exception of Scorpio subjects who tend to perceive the Virgo Dog as a tedious flatterer.

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